Software Engineer Salary?

Your thoughts?


This applies only to full time employees but:

Salary ranges from $60 - $150k with junior level representing the lower end and principle the upper end. Of course there are outliers where individuals can make upwards of $400k.

there is also something to be said for benefits. Lots of competitive employers will offer not only competitive salaries but also great health insurance and even stock options. You really have to look at the full package.

also remember there is a low and high end to every level. While some engineers may have the same title, they can be separated by decades of experience sometimes.

Is it possible to find software engineer salaries below $50k. The answer is yes but you get what you pay for. Off shore developers have their benefits but are very difficult to coordinate with.

good people who want the best for your company’s mission are worth the investment. Don’t underestimate what you can do with just a few good engineers.


A good salary can range from $90k to $150k.


including benefits???

it ranges a lot depending on where you work of course..but to give an overarching range:



Whatever it is it’s going up!


depends. you always have to consider stock options etc.