@KafkaListener | Spring Boot Example

A Spring Boot example using the KafkaListener annotation including annotation properties, KafkaListenerContainerFactory and Default KafkaConsumerFactory explained.

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@Qualifier Example | Spring Boot

@Qualifier annotation example in Spring Boot including @Qualifier vs @Primary, the use of @Qualifier and examples.

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MongoDB $lookup in 5 Minutes

MongoDB $lookup examples including pipeline example, joins, and $lookup with conditions. Quickly understand $lookup aggregations with these examples and explanations

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BeanPostProcessor Example | Spring Boot

BeanPostProcessor example in Spring Boot including proxy example, BeanFactoryPostProcessor vs BeanPostProcessor, BeanPostProcessor not getting called, BeanPostProcessor vs PostConstruct, and more.

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One To Many Example | Spring Data JPA

@OneToMany example including the best approach, bidirectional, unidirectional, generated SQL statements and comparisons.

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One To One Example | Spring Data JPA

One to One Example using Spring Data JPA and Hibernate including shared primary key, unidirectional, and bidirectional examples.

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Spring Boot Kafka Consumer JSON Example

Spring Boot Kafka Consumer JSON example including Deserializer configuration etc.

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Spring Data JPA Example

Spring Data JPA example including the basics of crud operations, entities, repositories, associations, fetch types in a single example.

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ngAfterViewChecked Example | Angular

ngAfterViewChecked example for Angular including latest version example with explanation

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NextJS Examples | Express

NextJS Express example including sample express app with NextJS, updating package.json for Express, and how nextApp.prepare works

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