Is Kafka a programming language?

Your thoughts?

theCodingSavage |

No. Kafka is an event streaming platform written in Java. Kafka is written with the Java programming language.

To explore your question further...there are modern use cases where developers would never touch the underlying implementation or Java code. With Kafka Connect, ksql, and other abstractions, developers can use Kafka as this mysterious black box that sends data around.

BuiltOnJavaScript |



No but I understand the question. Kafka is a great technology but largely misunderstood. There are many misconceptions as to what Kafka is and how it works.

Kafka is a program written in the Java programming language.

WhoDemyUdemy |

No. Kafka is written in the Java programming language.

EatFreshRupesh |

No. Kafka is a platform written in Java. It uses a TCP connection to communicate with a distributed collection of brokers.

UdemyAlts |

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