Is Java losing popularity?

I've heard Go and Swift are giving Java a serious run for it's money in this true?

Your thoughts?

blazingSaddles |

Yes and no. While there is certainly a trend towards "sexier" languages like JavaScript and Swift, Java remains a cornerstone of enterprise development.

Java has been the preferred language for big companies for decades because it's reliable and heavily tested. Things like Kafka are written in Java and will keep the language relevant for years to come.

Also, if you're argument is that Java is losing to other languages you need to remember that legacy support for applications is a necessary evil of software development. Often times, the cost of writing something from scratch far exceeds the cost of maintaining legacy code.

ArchanaK |

i agree that Java is losing popularity, especially with the newer developers. With AWS cloud functions etc, developers are finding it easier and easier to use languages like JavaScript across the full stack. You can easily build a full stack solution with JavaScript (React, NodeJs, MongoDb, MEAN, MERN, etc) while Java struggles to compete "across the board".

With that said, Java is here to stay. If you learn Java and understand it well there will be a place for you in the coding world.

Yuzo_Koyama |

To me, it's not about "popularity" as much as it's about what you're trying to do. For certain things, language A is better than B. There are situations where Java is the best to work with. For example, if you're using Kafka then using the Java client is going to be the easiest way to integrate.

On the other hand, if you're a front end developer who wants to build a full stack solution, then JavaScript is a much better option for you because you already use it on the frontend and can easily apply it to NodeJs framework etc on the backend.