OpenID Connect (OIDC) Example

An explanation of how OpenID works including the OpenID Connect flow, OpenID Connect examples, and OpenID Connect vs OAuth2

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OAuth Example | How OAuth Works

OAuth and OAuth 2 explained including authorization codes, access tokens, grant types, implicit grants, and the OAuth 2 flow.

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Event Driven vs REST in Microservice Architecture

A look at event driven vs RESTful API design in microservice architecture including best practices and use cases for each.

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Which Version of Java Should You Use?

A discussion surrounding the different versions of Java including the difference between SE and EE as well as key features of Java 7, 8, and 9.

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@KafkaListener | Spring Boot Example

A Spring Boot example using the KafkaListener annotation including annotation properties, KafkaListenerContainerFactory and Default KafkaConsumerFactory explained.

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Java 17 | What you need to know

What software engineers need to know about Java 17 including new features, deprecated features, and removed functionality.

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JavaScript Observables in 5 Minutes

Quickly understand JavaScript observables. Implement the Observable class from scratch and understand what makes observables different from promises.

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@Qualifier Example | Spring Boot

@Qualifier annotation example in Spring Boot including @Qualifier vs @Primary, the use of @Qualifier and examples.

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Spring Boot Kafka Consumer

Spring Boot Kafka Consumer example including consumer offsets and multiple consumer examples.

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MongoDB $lookup in 5 Minutes

MongoDB $lookup examples including pipeline example, joins, and $lookup with conditions. Quickly understand $lookup aggregations with these examples and explanations

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