Event Driven vs REST in Microservice Architecture

A look at event driven vs RESTful API design in microservice architecture including best practices and use cases for each.

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Which Version of Java Should You Use?

A discussion surrounding the different versions of Java including the difference between SE and EE as well as key features of Java 7, 8, and 9.

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@KafkaListener | Spring Boot Example

A Spring Boot example using the KafkaListener annotation including annotation properties, KafkaListenerContainerFactory and Default KafkaConsumerFactory explained.

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Java 17 | What you need to know

What software engineers need to know about Java 17 including new features, deprecated features, and removed functionality.

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JavaScript Observables in 5 Minutes

Quickly understand JavaScript observables. Implement the Observable class from scratch and understand what makes observables different from promises.

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@Qualifier Example | Spring Boot

@Qualifier annotation example in Spring Boot including @Qualifier vs @Primary, the use of @Qualifier and examples.

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Spring Boot Kafka Consumer

Spring Boot Kafka Consumer example including consumer offsets and multiple consumer examples.

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MongoDB $lookup in 5 Minutes

MongoDB $lookup examples including pipeline example, joins, and $lookup with conditions. Quickly understand $lookup aggregations with these examples and explanations

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npm install | how it works

The npm install command and how it works with and without arguments. Learn what happens under the hood with dependency resolution and the difference between npm dependencies and devDependencies.

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BeanPostProcessor Example | Spring Boot

BeanPostProcessor example in Spring Boot including proxy example, BeanFactoryPostProcessor vs BeanPostProcessor, BeanPostProcessor not getting called, BeanPostProcessor vs PostConstruct, and more.

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