Why you should NEVER use Redux with Angular

    A look at the rise of Redux and misconceptions surrounding its need in the Angular world.

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    How much do software engineers make?

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    Should I get AWS certified?

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    npm install | how it works

    The npm install command and how it works with and without arguments. Learn what happens under the hood with dependency resolution and the difference between npm dependencies and devDependencies.

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    What is Qualifier in Spring Boot?

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    How do you list indexes in MongoDb?

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    How do you create an index in MongoDB?

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    @KafkaListener | Spring Boot Example

    A Spring Boot example using the KafkaListener annotation including annotation properties, KafkaListenerContainerFactory and Default KafkaConsumerFactory explained.

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    What are KafkaListener Annotation Properties?

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    Is there a Log4j2 vulnerability with Spring Boot?

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    How does garbage collection work?

    How does garbage collection work

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