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    Is Spring Boot Dying?

    With the explosion in serverless architecture and cloud computing, do frameworks like Spring Boot and Java stand a chance in the future?

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    The Top 5 Tech Interview Tips No One Is Talking About

    Understand how to impress a tech interviewer without being the smartest person in the room.

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    Java Multithreading Examples

    Java multithreading examples including two ways of multithreading, good examples, avoiding deadlock, and how many threads can run.

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    Why Microservices are NOT a Good Idea

    Understand the pitfalls of microservices including resiliency, coordination, and visibility.

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    Unit Testing React Components

    A guide to unit testing React components including examples with Jest and react testing library.

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    ChatGPT and the Future of Software Engineers

    In a world of low code frameworks, open source AI tools, and an obsession with automation, what the future demand of software engineering looks like in 2023.

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    Which Version of Node.js Should You Use?

    Which version of Node.js you should use including the latest version, why versions matter, node version managers and which is right for you.

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    OpenID Connect (OIDC) Example

    An explanation of how OpenID works including the OpenID Connect flow, OpenID Connect examples, and OpenID Connect vs OAuth2

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    OAuth Example | How OAuth Works

    OAuth and OAuth 2 explained including authorization codes, access tokens, grant types, implicit grants, and the OAuth 2 flow.

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    What is OAuth?

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    What is OAuth 2 flow?

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    What is Replication in MongoDB? Explain with an example.?

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    REST vs event-driven architecture?

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    What is event driven architecture?

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    Event Driven vs REST in Microservice Architecture

    A look at event driven vs RESTful API design in microservice architecture including best practices and use cases for each.

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    What is a microservice?

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    Which Version of Java Should You Use?

    A discussion surrounding the different versions of Java including the difference between SE and EE as well as key features of Java 7, 8, and 9.

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    Should I get AWS certified?

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    Spring Data JPA vs Hibernate

    Spring Data JPA vs Hibernate including what is Hibernate, what is Spring Data JPA, and the key differences surrounding each.

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    How do you create an index in MongoDB?

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