A community for the full stack developer

In computer software development, the "stack" refers to the collection of software subsystems used to create an application. These subsystems (or layers) include everything from the database to the user interface. While developers typically specialize in one area of the stack, full-stack developers do it all...

StackChief - a community for the full stack developer

Being a full-stack developer means maintaining a broader knowledge base. StackChief is a community that caters to this perspective. Through discussions and tutorials covering everything from JavaScript to Hadoop, StackChief is a platform for learning and exchanging ideas across every layer of the stack. Specifically, StackChief contributors emphasize the following values:

Healthy Discussions

StackChief is a platform for exchanging ideas. While our contributors are reputable developers with years of enterprise experience, nothing posted on StackChief should be considered ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Instead, we encourage the community to engage in healthy discussions surrounding the content posted to StackChief.

Relevant Content

Software moves fast. While staying current with the latest trends is a daily battle, StackChief contributors approach every article/tutorial with the "latest and greatest" mentality. As part of staying relevant, StackChief encourages users to provide their own comments and feedback on anything that seems dated.

No Fluff

Being a full-stack developer means maintaining a broad knowledge base. This leaves little room for getting "caught in the weeds". We strive to keep our content lean by avoiding highly opinionated statements, personal anecdotes, etc. This achieves quicker reads with more relevant content.