What is StackChief?

StackChief is a tight-nit community of software engineering professionals. StackChief provides a platform for engineers to easily communicate and share code, ideas with one another.

What makes StackChief different?

StackChief is a closely monitored platform. It's editors are all actively employed professional software engineers at varying levels.

All of the content posted on StackChief is audited by professionals. Our goal is to guarantee that the information you're looking at is as accurate and relevant as possible.

Our mission statement

To provide a one-stop-shop for full stack engineers to discuss and learn about the latest in software development.

Our contributors

StackChief contributors remain anonymous to protect their active working identities. While we pride ourselves on producing the most relevant content for today's full stack engineers, we also seek to protect the identity of our contributors.

All of our contributors are actively employed at major technology companies and all have formal degrees in related fields.